Settled within the calm sea of rural Hertfordshire, this charming good-sized village makes for a great base to start your hiking adventure.

Short drives will take you to the nearby tourist towns of St. Albans or Welwyn Garden City, but why would you need to leave when there are some truly fine countryside walks at your disposal right here?

A long weekend spent in Wheathampstead offers much more than just a simple relaxing retreat. This vibrant village has an extremely active community, centred around a number of village halls popping your head into any one of these buildings will offer a glimpse into the social life that the people of Wheathampstead enjoy. Everything from a Wine Club to Yoga Classes and even a knitting class, should you wish to pick yourself up one of many locally made faux fur pom pom hats.

Where to Walk

There are an abundance of trails and paths that run their way from Wheathampstead, all the way round the surrounding Golf Clubs and adjoining towns in the area, but the best route to take can be found through the National Trust. A robust circular route winds it’s way around from Wheathampstead, following in the steps of playwright George Bernard Shaw and even stopping off at his home, Shaw’s Corner.

Where to Stay

You’ll be glad to see that there are no large budget hotels crowding the small village centre of Wheathampstead, however it might leave you scratching your head as to where you should bed down for the night. Thankfully, there are a decent handful of options for couples happy to stay in Airbnb accommodations.

The standout for many travellers is Sally’s White Cottage Garden Annexe. A completely separate living space gives you privacy as well as comfort, just a short walk from the Wheathampstead village centre. Groups of three or more might struggle finding a place together, however The Silver Cup, in nearby Harpenden, offers comfortable rooms at a close distance to the village.

Where to Eat

There’s enough variety to keep a voraciously hungry couple satisfied for a few days here in Wheathampstead. Should you wish to significantly top up your red blood cell count then well renowned Steak chain Miller & Carter serves up good quality meat at a good price. However, if you’d rather eat on a budget throughout your stay, then there are a few quirkier corners that you could stop in at. Charlie’s is a traditional English cafe which will feel instantly familiar to any British local, serving up classic pasties, sandwiches and the like. There’s also the obligatory Indian, Chinese and a handful of Pubs to choose from too.

What to Do

If you’re a little worn out by the hiking, then there are plenty of places to kick your feet up in Wheathampstead. Should you wish to get a better grasp of the stunning surrounding landscape then there are four golf clubs that essentially surround the village.

You won’t need to be a member to play and there’s an amiable atmosphere in all of these places that matches the genteel nature of Wheathampstead’s populace. Short drives will also take you to sights such as Knebworth House, Tewinbury and Heartwood Forest.

Wheathampstead: Your Own Slice of Idyllic English Country